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PFC Enterprise Newspaper Column

by Joan D. King

While dogs come in all shapes and sizes, cats do not! There is little variation in the cat’s body size and facial features. As a result, the cat’s coat, its length, color and texture are used to identify individual cats.

In the beginning all cats were short-haired tabbies. A tabby has a stripped, blotched or spotted coat. When living in the wild, this camouflage pattern allowed the cat to easily blend into the background.

There are three types of tabbies: the mackerel or tiger-striped, the blotched pattern and the Abyssinian pattern. The blotched or classic tabby is the most popular marking. The basic tabby has black as its dark marking and the flecked pattern varies from yellow to tan to brown.  In the orange tabby, the black markings have been replaced by orange ones.

Sadly, one of PFC’s original tabbies, Mia, passed away last week at the age of 14 years.  She was a former feral and had lived at the shelter since 2006.  She was a favorite among the volunteers and is very much missed.

We have three new tabbies now proudly showing their stripes. They are Kit, a ten-year-old female, and brother and sister two-year-olds Chewbacca and Princess Leia. They are beginning to settle into life at the “Kitty Hilton”.

Another interesting tabby pattern is the “torbie”.  This is a combination of a tabby and a tortoise shell.  Our six-year-old torbie, Priscilla, is still looking for her forever home.  She is presently living with her foster Mom and needs to be the only pet in the house.  If interested in adopting her, please drop in to the shelter or call our Hotline for more information.

Our Kitty-of-the-Week is Autumn. She is a full tortoise shell with a beautiful black and orange cost. She is a four-year-old domestic short-hair with a huge, loving personality.  Autumn has a very short tail which she loves to wag like a dog!  She loves attention and will head-butt or reach out to you to get additional petting.  She seems to be telling the volunteers that she wants to be the only cat.

Six-month-old Misha is a sweet but shy gray and white short-hair.  He loves to play and, according to his former owner, he loves to carry his little stuffed animals around the house. He is neutered and has received all his shots.

Can anyone foster 3 cats for a period of up to 2 months?  One cat is a 7-year-old female and she can be fostered alone.  The others are 2-year-old brothers.  They all have been fixed and have up-to-date vaccines.  Please call if you can help.

Thank you for your many donations of food, litter and paper towels. Your support is very important and much appreciated.

People for Cats is located on 44 Beagle Lane in Teaticket, MA, just off Route 28, a few steps beyond the Teaticket Post Office. Mailing address: PO Box 422, West Falmouth, MA 02536.  Hotline: 508-540-5654.

All for the love of cats…



Kitten season is here!
We are starting to have kittens on a regular basis. To adopt one, come see them at the shelter on Wednesdays, 4-6 pm, and Saturdays, 10 am-1 pm.

Kittens are also being born in the wild.They are frequently born under decks and sheds, in boats and under bushes. If you notice any in your yard, please let us know right away so that we can care for them and socialize them. It's best not to approach them or the mother might move them. Call our hotline - 508-540-5654.

Help with Spay/Neuter

Are you in need of financial help getting your cat spayed or neutered?  People for Cats has received a grant from the Cape Cod Foundation through the Thomas C. McGowen Fund for Animals which will allow PFC to offer assistance to qualified residents of Falmouth, Mashpee and Bourne. Please call the Hotline and press 2 to leave a message.



Custom engraved granite bricks will be installed in front of the outdoor cat pens. For only $50 per brick, you can honor or memorialize your favorite cat or cats!  To order please see our memorial bricks form.


Upcoming events

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