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MAIL: PO Box 422 W. Falmouth MA 02574       SHELTER: 44 Beagle Lane, Teaticket MA         
Hotline: 508-540-5654
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Adoptions:  Wednesdays, 4-6 pm and Saturdays 10 am - 1 pm



If kittens will be available for adoption we let you know on our Facebook page the day before adoptions.  We won't have details about gender etc., just that we will have kittens. If there is no notice, there are no kittens available.

Keeping cats safe in the summer time

Coyotes – are in every neighborhood and prey on cats all times of the day but probably mostly at night. Coyotes have their pups in late spring and by early summer they are learning to hunt.  So some cats are killed just to teach the pups how to hunt but not for food, which may account for the more frequent calls to our hotline about missing cats.

Try to keep them indoors and use toys and play times to stimulate them and open windows to bird-watch.

Other dangers:

Cars – particularly in summer when there is more traffic

Getting out when guests come – if possible, keep them in a room with their food, water and litter box while there is a lot of activity, noise or opportunity for them to escape

Getting stuck in sheds and garages – when summer people leave cats may get stuck in spaces that are being closed up

Getting scared by construction noises – work men, landscapers, etc. – that can cause them to run off

Fleas – kitties that go outdoors need good flea protection – consult your vet or pet store that sells the brands that are most effective.

Upcoming events

Come see our kitties waiting for a sunny window in a loving home!


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