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Adoptions:  Wednesdays, 4-6 pm and Saturdays 10 am - 1 pm


Go to our Facebook page the day before Adoptions to see if there will be kittens at the shelter for adoption.

Be on the lookout for kittens on your property!

Kittens born in the wild can be socialized if we find them when they're very young so please call us immediately if you see any. They are often in or under sheds or decks.  

Would you like to help us socialize kittens?

This time of year when the demand is great, we don't have enough volunteers to socialize feral kittens so that they can be adopted.  PFC will provide training and supplies. Socialization typically takes a couple of weeks, sometimes longer depending on the kitten's personality.  We will support you all the way.  It's a great project for a family or a single person - and very rewarding to know that you have saved a life! Call us today to find out more. 

People For Cats Enterprise Column

by Joan D. King

One of the top reasons cats are surrendered to shelters is for behavioral problems. According to the book Understanding Cats by Roger Tabor, “The four main causes of the behavioral problems in cats can be grouped as confinement, stress, physical ailments and early conditioning.”

People for Cats puts cat behavioral problems into two groups: physical ailments and environmental issues. The most common behavioral issues are not using the litter box, scratching and biting children and adults and scratching furniture.

Prevention of these problems is the key. PFC first recommends the cat be checked out by a veterinarian for any physical problems. However, most likely the issues are environmental. Very few cats that have been surrendered to us for behavioral issues had physical/mental problems.  The majority of the cats were quickly and successfully re-homed.  This is not to put any blame on the former owners, as they often have tried everything to make their feline friends happy, even asking for PFC assistance.

Cats are very territorial and confinement and stress are leading causes in cat behavior problems. Limit the number of cats in your home, give your cat plenty of exercise and entertainment such as cat trees to climb on, scratching posts and toys.  Recycle the toys so your cat thinks he is getting a new toy every time.  Give your cat plenty of love and attention, clean litter boxes, fresh water and good quality food.


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