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Do you have a place in your home and your heart for a homeless kitty?

PFC volunteers care for several homeless kitties in our community. With a little time, they often become very trusting and let us know how happy they are to see us arrive and how unhappy they are to see us go. We know many people who have taken in feral cats, and with patience, have let them acclimate to being in a home with great success. Homeless cats are always on their guard in the outdoors. The slightest sound can make them run for cover.  But in a less threatening environment, they slowly let down their guard and appreciate love and kindness and a safe, comfortable place. This winter is predicted to be another hard one for those who live in the outdoors. We would like to find homes for three special kitties before the snow flies!  PFC can help them make the transition from outdoors to indoors if someone is willing to give them a home. They probably would do best in homes with an older person who lives alone, or a couple. They are spayed/ neutered and will have their vaccinations updated and PFC will pay for necessary veterinary care during their lifetimes.  Here are their stories:


Zeke is a smallish, short-haired mackerel tabby. A PFC volunteer has been feeding him since he was four months old. Soon he was very comfortable with being petted and even being held.  At two years old his sister, Fluffy, was taken by a coyote and he was alone.  Zeke is now about seven years old.  He runs out to great his feeder with his tail held high. He likes to sit with her, giving many rubs, and lies next to her after he has eaten his meal.  He loves to play with catnip spread on a towel for him, or chase acorns that roll down the bulkhead on the vacant property where he lives. In cold weather he will jump into the volunteer’s car to eat his dinner and hang out. When it’s time for the volunteer to leave, he sits by the car and watches her leave. He would love to be an only cat and get all the love for himself!

Baby and Gracie are brother and sister. They live in a wooded area in the downtown Falmouth area. The property where they live has been sold. We would like to give them a chance for a home. Baby is a sleek and handsome gray and white tuxedo with white toes. He is very vocal and loves to be petted and lean on your leg to show his affection. Baby seems to have been somewhat socialized by neighbors when he was a little kitten. He and Gracie are about six years old. Gracie is a long-haired gray and white tuxedo with half a white mustache. She is shy but will rub up against you once she’s comfortable with you. She and Baby greet each other with head butts when they come from different directions at meal time. We would like them to stay together.

If you are interested in finding out more, please call Diane at 508-344-9020.

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Custom engraved granite bricks will be installed in front of the outdoor cat pens. For only $50 per brick, you can honor or memorialize your favorite cat or cats!  To order please see our memorial bricks form.


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